LoveDover charity looking for commercial operator for Market Square premises

Thursday, 9 November 2017
The trustees of LoveDover, the charity set up to help regenerate parts of the town, are looking for people to operate from a building in the Market Square once it has been refurbished.

They are looking for an individual or organisation who would be interested in leasing the ground floor and basement of what is currently Dickens Corner for a commercial use, but also fitting in with the charity's aims of providing training facilities for residents of Dover, perhaps leading to qualifications and possibly enabling them to set up their own enterprises.

The trustees say the facilities are suitable for a wide range of uses but food and/or hospitality are seen as the likely way the charity's objectives will be delivered.

The top two floors of the building are to be converted into a flat, which will reduce the business rates burden on the rest of the property.

It is expected the new use will start by 1 March 2018, but the trustees say it is possible that a pop-up or part-time pilot or testing trading use could take place earlier.

Expressions of interest forms are available on LoveDover's website at and applications have to be returned by 5pm on Thursday 16 November.

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