New Port of Dover marker buoys boost water safety

Thursday, 17 March 2016
A line of new yellow markers will signpost the boundary between bathing and boating areas within the harbour this summer.

The buoys, being laid by the Port of Dover next month, will follow a border which is currently defined by a white marker on Prince of Wales Pier and a corresponding marker on the wall of the Eastern Docks.

Sailors, rowers or kayakers should only cross this line into the bathing area to reach the slipway or Dover Sea Sports Centre during the summer months.

Port of Dover Harbour Master, Paul Brown, said: "This is not about changing public access to the harbour; it's about making the existing arrangements easier to follow.

"Local water users already know where the bathing area is. But each summer we get visitors - both swimmers and boaters - who don't know there's a demarcation line and who don't read the shore signage.

"These buoys will leave them in no doubt.

"They will help us ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the water in safety this summer."

The boundary, running parallel to the shore, will be marked by six yellow buoys with a 'gate' - defined by green and red lateral buoys - giving boats access to the slipway.

Dover Sea Sports Centre water users will retain their dispensation to exit the bathing area close to their building.

The markers will be in place between April 1 and October 31.

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