Working In Partnership For Community Safety

Friday, 30 July 2010
As part of their work to make sure Dover District remains a safe place to live, work and visit, members of the Community Safety Partnership have been out and about in the area, providing advice and help, and handing out free 'clip it safe' lanyards (clips for attaching to a purse/wallet).

For the past two years, the Dover District Community Safety Partnership has funded 'clip it safe' lanyards, which have been issued to members of the public to help protect purses and wallets from being stolen. Since December 2008, over 20,000 of these clips have been given free to the community.

As part of this ongoing work, Des Connolly of Kent Police and Heidi Golden from the partnership visited shops in Sandwich earlier this month to provide supplies of the lanyards for issuing to customers. Visitors to the town were given free lanyards and advice on keeping their handbags, purses and wallets safe.

While visiting local traders, the partnership also highlighted the need for contractors to ensure that expensive tools and equipment are not left in vehicles either unattended or insecure. Windscreen and door stickers saying that 'there is nothing of value left in this vehicle' were handed out to stores selling tools and construction materials.

The initiative will continue across the district during the summer and into autumn to continue to bring home the message to look after your property. For more information, contact Des Connolly on 01304 872048, or Heidi Golden on 01304 872165.

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