Meeting To Be Held To Discuss Crime And Punishment

Wednesday, 9 January 2008
Dover businesses, local people and crime prevention professionals are being invited to get their views heard at a meeting on crime and punishment.

The meeting, which is to be held at La Salle Verte Coffee Shop, 14/15 Cannon Street, Dover at 3pm on Monday 21st January.

There will be a presentation by Barbara Casbolt, Magistrate and John Jefferies, Education, Training and Employment Officer from the Probation Service.

The session will be highly interactive and there will be ample opportunity to get involved and give your opinion.

Dover Town Centre Management Co-ordinator and organiser said "This informal meeting gives everybody the opportunity to get their view across on this important issue."

If you would like to take part contact David Somers on 01304 225231 or

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