Growth Point Status Brings Major Boost For Future Of Dover District

Wednesday, 16 July 2008
A major far-reaching boost to transformational work for a world-class future for Dover District is being celebrated today, following exciting news from the Government that the district has been successful in its bid for Growth Point status.

This major announcement by the Department for Communities and Local Government follows the submission of a bid by Dover District Council last year, working with a range of partners including the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), English Partnerships, Kent County Council, Dover Harbour Board and Dover Pride, in delivering the regeneration programme to achieve transformational change.

Growth Points are a Government initiative to provide support to local communities who wish to pursue large scale and sustainable growth. The successful bid follows extensive work with a range of partners and means the Council will be able to gain access to special national funds to help with planning and delivering new developments.

With a world-class port at Dover, world-class heritage, and a range of exciting developments coming together, the district is working for a world-class future.

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of Dover District Council said: "Opportunities for growth and prosperity arrive very infrequently across the generations. When they occur they need to grasped and civic leaders and business need to have the courage to take far-reaching decisions. This is one such occasion.

"Dover has world famous assets and the ability to fully harness those assets for the good of the community has thwarted previous generations in both the political and business communities. The major change that makes the difference this time is the joint working and partnership engagement across public sector agencies, local authorities, MPs, business and community interests. A range of programmes that on their own are exciting but combined provide a transformational regeneration programme that is unprecedented in Dover's history. The partnership supported bid and confirmation of Growth Point status will deliver the national priority and working finance that binds the individual parts into a comprehensive package. A sustainable future will only be achieved by growth and today's designation of Growth Point gives our residents and businesses the opportunity for a world-class future."

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