Jim Boucher - Channel swimmer

898th person to swim the Channel.
Jim has made 2 solo Channel swims and been part of 7 relays
Nationality: Northern Ireland
Gender: Male
About Jim:
Jim Boucher represented Ulster (NI) in the mid 1970's where his strength was the shorter (50 & 100m) breaststroke events. A break from swimming until 1999 saw him return to masters swimming, again religiously avoiding anything over 100m. The opportunity to form the "Lido Legends" relay team in 2005 was the spark that ultimately led to his 2007 solo where the last 800m was completed on...breaststroke!

After that solo Jim got involved in a number of relays, including a 3-man effort as "The Return of the Lido Legends". Eventually memories of the hard parts of the 2007 solo swim faded and a rather low-key training regime in 2011 culminated with a second solo. The swim was again accompanied by Lance Oram and the fine crew of Sea Satin, and wonderfully supported by Lido Legends' Rory Fitzgerald and Ellery McGowan (Coach), plus son Michael (17). Swimming on a 7m+ spring tide, the swim took longer than that of 2007, but was infinitely more enjoyable resulting in Jim becoming the oldest Irish conqueror of the Channel and signing the White Horse wall with "Never say never again!"

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