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The Front Page. - Copy 271 ( Olympic Torch Celebrations )

Hellfire! :

You cant miss it! We have, as you can see, now added an all powerful extra firework picture above to the stunning OLYMPIC mix. What an all-round celebration it was in Dover. Fantastic! Top of page and tail of page we have given over to the splendid can see from the masses of exploding red colour above that it was understandable for a moment or two on the seafront, that the crowds feared the flames of hell had been cast upon the water! Was the water itself ablaze!? But was just masses of exploding red fireworks from the launches in the harbour, two of those launches can be seen above. Spectacular! There are more firework pictures on the thread in our forum.

Olympic Torch Event :

The great day came, and almost as expected and as predicted by those gloomy weather soothsayers, the rain came right on cue with the Torch. The tall ship, the gorgeous Stavros S Niarchos drifted into the harbour escorted by a terrific flotilla which included our very own Lifeboat. As scheduled the Torch was transferred from the Tall Ship to the Lifeboat as the rain began to fall. The crowds had gathered in good spirits and their enthusiasm was not dampened by the drizzle. Great music was emanating from the seafront stage with Rizzle Kicks doing their thing which had all the kids of all ages in the audience jumping up and down and loving it. The Torch made its way down along the Prince of Wales pier and save for the increasing dismality of the conditions, all was right with the world.

The top picture shows the Tall Ship Stavros S Niarchos in the moments after the Torch had been transferred to the City of London Lifeboat. The Lifeboat then made its way followed by the large flotilla to the Prince of Wales Pier where it was greeted warmly.

As you can see from the pictures the weather was closing in all the while. In the crowd scene left, the rain gear is on and the umbrellas are going up, but despite the fairly miserable conditions all were enjoying themselves. The surrounding streets were packed, all waiting for a glimpse of the Torch itself.

Later in the evening the fireworks started, they burst in glorious colour across the harbour and across the town. The Castle joined in at one point and the colourful sky could be seen for was almost stereophonic fireworks, coming at you from all directions with up to three possibly four boats in the harbour blasting the exploding rockets skywards..all to added music. PB.

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