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The Front Page. - Copy 270 ( Olympic Torch Preparations Dover Seafront )

Okay we better make this the last picture before a kind of mental rigor mortis sets in at the mention of all things Olympic. Some guys are already crumbling in the background here, while others are as enthusiastic as ever. As we said earlier the build situation is/was changing all the time and we tried to show it piece by piece...the above is the very latest up to the minute shot at 3.15pm tuesday. Hark..what we thought was the actual stage all along may not have been at all! This giant unit to the left of shot could indeed be it. It came as a ready made piece of kit , ready to roll, or should that be ready to rock'n'roll. The bad news for yours truly is that I have a backview and wont see Rizzle Drizzle from my viewpoint. Crushed like a grape and no mistake. PB

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Further: updated picture on the state of play to the left. As we can see there, further development to the tented village. More structures being built as we speak. Seafront road partially open eastern end to allow access to the Premier Inn Hotel and The Gateway flats, but all other seafront acess restricted or indeed blocked completely...a parking spot in these parts will be harder to find than an egg laid by a golden goose. Extra security on show and even community payback guys getting involved wearing their distinctive vests. This is a moveable feast, changing every minute.
The sound of hammering rattling across the seafront as the build goes on.

Olympic Celebrations...Further...

As you can see development goes ahead at a pace. We now see the beginnings of a tented village. Picture above taken sunday morning but already since then there are more white tents and probably more to come. Much excitement prior to our big day on wednesday. See full event details below on this page. Some might say it is a pity about the Gateway netting showing above.. but there we are..warts n all! Watch this space we will keep you informed....

The Deluge

The picture left doesn't show anything like the power of the rain that fell on's rather more the genteel aftermath. Tourists doing their best on a rainsoaked seafront. But the heavens opened all around us and it rained and rained like never before, with severe cracking thunder rattling our structures and setting off car alarms all over the place. No doubt you felt the power where you are.

There are reports that several parts of the town were flooded, in particular the London Road area, where the water washed into businesses along there. A number of events were washed out too...well, it is truly a dreadful summer! We have already experienced the worst June ( the wettest) since records began all those years ago and July is heading the same way. Every day the weatherman comes on TV with an even gloomier demeanour than he did the day before. The prospects are not good longer term either. Welcome to the worst summer ever!...and it's still raining..

The Olympic Celebration..plans taking further shape...

The construction of the stage for the musical show is now almost complete as you can see in the pictures above and below. More details of the overall event just below on this page. Also see the various stages of development all along the seafront in the following thread...
also see the latest comment and chatter here....

There is also much more in our forum generally across a number of threads.


As excitement continues to build, Dover District is ready to welcome the Olympic Torch next week, including an amazing evening celebration on Dover Seafront on Wednesday 18 July, set against the stunning backdrop of our world famous white cliffs.

The Torch will make a spectacular entrance into Dover Harbour on 18 July aboard the Tall Ship Stavros S Niarchos, arriving on the Prince of Wales Pier at approximately 6pm. The Torch Relay travels through Dover from 6pm-7.20pm, and everyone is invited to line the streets to welcome the Flame and support the Torchbearers. The ticketed LOCOG stage show starts around 5.30pm on Dover Seafront, and while the stage show takes place, the Torch will make its way around the town, stopping at Dover Castle and the Market Square, before making its way back to the seafront.

A spectacular firework finale follows the stage show on Dover Seafront from 9.45pm, and is open to everyone. The finale is a specially commissioned show, created by Kent based pyrotechnicians The World Famous. Both the stage show and the finale feature local acts, and highlight the skills of talented young people from our communities.

Please note that all timings are subject to change as these are live events.

The Song For Dover event is one of only two Olympic Evening Celebrations in Kent, and is the larger of the two. We are ready to welcome large crowds, and there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to join in. Park and Ride schemes will run from car park sites at Farthingloe and off the A258 at Guston. For full details of parking, and traffic restrictions while the Torch is in the district, please see the DDC website.

People are reminded to be prepared for all weather conditions, and to come dressed appropriately. In the event of adverse weather, please check the DDC website, social media or local radio for the latest information. People are reminded they will need to provide photo ID if they wish to buy alcohol on the seafront and are between 18 and 25.

The Olympic Torch Relay Evening Celebration - Song for Dover - is produced by a partnership between Dover District Council, Arts Council England, The World Famous and Kent County Council. The stage show is organised by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the three Presenting Partners of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay – Coca-Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung.

On Thursday 19 July, the Torch travels from Deal to Sholden from 8.27am to 9.05am, and through Sandwich from 9.12am to 9.39am.

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