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The Front Page. - Copy 115 (Bugatti and other Classic Cars, Deauville.)


I'm probably going to go mad here with an excessive amount of pictures of Classic Cars. Standby!

...indeed I have, but I've stopped now. Phew!

But yours truly took a break last week.I took an amble down along the French coast with fragrant co-driver in place, and all to get a bit of a break from the rigours of doing Doverforum. No more cameras thought I, no more editorial nightmares...Im hanging up those cameras, Im hanging up my boots, Im hanging up my...well thats enought of that. Suffice to say I hung everything up...or more accurately, intended to do so.

But lo and behold, we arrive in the hot and thriving Deauville and what do we find but a weekend celebrating the Bugatti motor car and its long association with both Deauville and the early days of motor racing. Fab-tastic! To hear these beauties make their throbbing growling way through the leafy affluent streets was really something. Vroom Vroom! they went..throb throb! Naturally enough within seconds my thoughts returned to Doverforum and all our readers and members, who are always all agog and desperate to get the latest look at super shiny heavy classic metal.

And not to disappoint, here we are...

Somebody stop me !



Okay Ive gone mad with the pictures but now all done ..completo, finitto. I have more pix, but excessive indulgence is bad for you.
But who can name all the cars??

Okay ..a stab at naming all the cars. Im no expert, but the first one is easy as there was a plaque beside it. They will print these things in French though!lol! Top one is a Bugatti Royale, obviously worth a fortune as watched by security guards. I wont get too ambitious and try to name the models of the cars but just the make as it were. Second is a Rolls Royce. Third one in blue is a Nash. Then a super Jaguar. Then a couple of Bugattis in early racing trim. Another Jaguar...Jaguar were of course a great British racing name in those old days. Then the super helmeted Biggles reversing his Bugatti into position. The red one baffles me, it has a Union Jack on the side, it looks like an MG but is it? Ah...we've had some info on the little red car through from Ken Baker..its a Lea-Francis. Well I never knew that..Then some French glamour purring her Bugatti engine into place. Last but not least is a Delahaye. If you ever wondered what a Delahaye looked like, well now you know. I was expecting Maigret to step out of this one. The building behind is the magnificent Hotel Normandie Barriere.

Thousands and thousands of people came to see these cars. Much as what happened with our Rolls Royce celebration here. We really should have an annual classic car event here on Dover Seafront. Thousands of people will come and put money into our local economy...its not that tall an order achieving something like this. PB.


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