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Gillian Smissen
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The Front Page. - Copy 114 ( Cameron Macsween steps down, Pencester summer)

Pencester Alive!

There were two major events on in Dover over the weekend. One was a zinging funfilled success and the other was a strangely flat and stagnated affair, yet again featuring the infamous screen in Market Square. Cleary the most successful event of the two was the Feel Alive Event which was held in Pencester on saturday, see picture, and moved over to the Sea Sports Centre on sunday for part two, the splashdown aspect. Giving the Event its fuller title...'Feel Alive and Get Wet' you a better idea of the concept.
The picture above doesn't do the buzz and excitement of the Pencester event justice, it was packed out with mums and kids all enjoying the sun and the fun and most importantly...the activity. There were even a few dads too taking part.

Running in tandem with Feel Alive was a Big Screen Movie spectacular in Market Square. ...showing major movies on both days. Mamma Mia on Saturday for example, where all were encouraged to dress up in Abba gear and go along. But according to reports from our roving Forumites, nothing of the sort happened and as ever the whole thing failed to engage with Joe Public and went flat. Sundays film was Cool Runnings. There were additional attractions too such as the Railway Swing Band.

These events in Market Square wont take off because the basic ingredients for a good and pleasant time are not in place. There are no tables, no chairs, no umbrellas keeping the burning sun off our furrowed brows, no drinks, no food...this is not the way our continental friends do it, look at their squares...packed! Why are we not to be trusted with our Campari's and our chilled Chardonnay's on a summer's day in Market Sq? Are we the beating savage breast/beast of humanity while our continental friends are oh so sophisticated in comparison? PB.

* *

Cameron Macsween Steps Down

Following the frontpage story in the Dover Express and the continued speculation and murmurings here on Doverforum, we have just received the following, a....
Statement from The Dover District Chamber of Commerce.

The Dover District Chamber of Commerce is aware of the speculation concerning Mr. Cameron Macsween, President and Director of The Chamber. Mr Macsween joined the board in April 2009 and has made a significant contribution towards the regeneration of Dover’s commercial sector. In view of the allegations made about a share transaction in his own company, Mr Macsween will be standing down as Chamber President and Director until the matter is resolved.

Chamber Chairman Mr Barry Williams said .“Cameron has been a driving force for development in the District. It is Cameron's own wish that he take a back seat for a while following recent media stories. We respect the honourable decision he has made and look forward to him resuming his duties in the very near future “
Chamber Chief Executive David Foley said… “ Many businesses have benefited from Cameron’s wholehearted commitment. By this action he has confirmed the esteem he is held in by those who work with him”

The Chamber has learned that Mr Macsween has contacted his
lawyers with view to commencing an action for libel.

Picture shows Cameron Macsween and Barry Williams in happier times.
Also see the thread in the Members Club Forum called 'Clearing the Air at the Chamber'.


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