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The Phil Reilly Departure 'Do'

Veteran Tory Boys and Fab Forumites enjoying a well earned pint at The Park Inn. Yes it's none other than the Leader of the Council himself, Paul Watkins, limbering up to punch a hole in that delicious looking pint. Well, its what your right arm is for after all Paul. The chappie on the right is of course Nigel Collor who has been known to whet his whistle on occasion but purely in the interests of social research. They had gathered with a whole brace of people, mostly Forumites, at The Park Inn to enjoy a farewell drink with Phil Reilly, that nimble newshound of the Dover Express. Phil is joining the impressive Kent on Sunday after two and a half years treading the pavements of Dover, and is looking forward ambitiously to a meteoric rise in journalism after being headhunted in spectacular style. Go get 'em Phil.

Out celebrating in the comfortable surrounds of The Park Inn... Vic Matcham, Phil Reilly, Charlie Elphicke, Paul Watkins, and Nigel Collor.

Pugnacious political pugilist Vic Matcham was enjoying a close drink and a chat with Paul Watkins. Wonder what they were cooking up. Is Vic about to cross the floor!!? Is this to be the latest sensation!!? All hugs in pic on right..this shows politico and Dover Loyalty Schemer Roger Walkden with Dover Express journalist Yam Zendera all together in close least for now!

Dour Crocodile wrestler with officialdom, Ian Lillford, enjoying a comfortable chat and a drink with Jean Walkden. Pic on right shows Charlie Elphicke, Tory wunderkind and Parliamentary Candidate, letting his hair down and enjoying the hospitality of The Park Inn.

A jolly and jovial Phil Reilly propping up the bar, well it was late in the evening, and all was right with the world after a successful and pleasant occasion. Time gentlemen please went the bell....

.... Stop Press:Late picture below just in from Barry W-S ...

I know, its me with 'de wimmin' again. Two lovelies and one on each arm, well, its hard work but someone has to do it. Lady on the left is Una Mills and the lady on the right is actress Karol Steele.Please pay no attention whatsoever to the two fingers appearing above my head, these belong to a cheerful cherubie chappie who shall remain nameless...shouldnt be allowed so it shouldnt.


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