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General Page no 3 -Last days of Summer through to Winter.

We carry on with our quest of photographing the seasons. This time of year, early winter, we always get spectacular sunrises here in Dover. Every morning, well almost, the sun bursts through in glorious colour, blitzing everything at first, then bathing the whole scene with a soft red glow. The buildings along the seafront take on this gorgeous red hue and all is spellbindingly unreal...but just for a short time.

The picture on the left was taken saturday morning November 17. That's the early dawn ferry in the distance which you can see if you focus hard, and France is clearly visible. All looked just fantastic for that short while.

I want to emphasise that this picture is not touched up in any way, it was exactly as is. The eerie softness may be explained by the fact that I took the picture through a weather beaten weather stained window that refuses to open. This might explain the twilight glow. It was taken on the olde trusty Nikon, an early digital model long since defunct. So anything is passible with any kind of camera.

If any reader out there gets a cracking shot we would be only too happy to see it, so please send in to There will be lots of wintery opportunities coming up, for all sorts of special pictures.

Happy snapping.

That man Thomas 'Guzzler' Mitchell has done it again with another lovely gentle shot of the changeing season. This picture, recently in, was taken last week while the big fella was out and about on an amble through Connaught Park. The whole surrounding countryside is a multicoloured array of browns, golden yellows, reds, and greens at the moment and all the areas around Dover are beautiful. So a 'well done that man' goes out to our man on the spot for capturing the moment in seasonal time. Many thanks for sending it in Guzzler and keep up the good work. There are many exciting photo opportunities coming up...maybe frosty days or even snowy days, so if anyone gets a good shot..please send to me PaulB at....

This lovely picture was taken very recently by our very own Guzzler, our top long term Fab Forumite. Guzzler is of course none other than Thomas Mitchell, who has supplied us with spectacular pictures before. This is a gentle autumn shot of the Alkham Valley with the dawn mists rolling in. Beautifully done with delicate colours. Guzzler found himself up and about very very early and was able to capture this excellent shot for us to enjoy. Well done that man.

The idea here is to let this picture page run right through from late summer to winter and beyond again to spring and show it all happening with good quality pictures. So if any readers or Forumites capture a seasonal shot let us have it. In the meantime enjoy the pictures with more to follow as the season unfurls.

This is the season for dramatic skies. Not only first thing in the morning when the spectacular scenes over Dover Harbour have to be seen to be believed, but also in the evening. This shot on the left looks out eastwards over the slumbering rooftops of Tower Hamlets and the sleeping Boys Grammar School, and shows a dramatic and turbulent sky with a lonely solitary bird making its weary way homewards.

This picture on the left was taken in late september.

If any of our Forumites or indeed our readers get quality dramatic pictures of Dover weathering these approaching autumnal days, we will be only too happy to see them right here on and may well be able to use them to good and dramatic effect. So get those cameras out and happy snapping.
Last Days of Summer.
Dover's solid relationship with the Cruise business continues to thrive, even late into the year.We have had some cracking state of the art cruise liners arrive recently, all providing stunning spectacle in their own right. On the 7th September, new arrival The Prinsendam quietly rolled into the harbour with a menacing sky as backdrop. The sea was a metallic deep green at the time. Hopefully this picture captures some of the brooding atmosphere of the moment.

This was the scene at the end of august. It was warm and exciting and all was a fun filled beach for most of the local kids. The boys in the shot above were making the very best of their last few days of freedom. But all has changed. Now they have replaced swimming shorts with school uniforms, hot sizzling surf with brain aching algebra, and the beaches have gone quiet. It's as if summer has ground to a sudden halt. Those near tropical days, those long balmy evenings, have ebbed away almost un-noticed.


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