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     Ross Miller wrote:
    Sadly the Labour Party's drift to the right... this leaves us with the choice of 2 right of centre parties who are potentially electable in England, alongside the Greens & Lib Dems to make the numbers up

    Poor analysis, I'm afraid; but a common mistake.

    Labour and Conservative are both Blairite parties of the Left. (And Greens, and LibDems.)

    Most Tories, being rather dim, still don't know this, although Cameron proclaimed it from the rooftops.

    Most Labourites, being dimmer, don't know it either. Good grief, they're still fooled by the Blair/Starmer propaganda machine into thinking the Labour 'Right' did for the Labour 'hard Left', when in fact one wing of the Labour Left did for the other.

    So, if you're Left, don't worry, you'll get a Left government whichever party you vote for, and you can carry on enjoying the social and economic decline, the increasing state 'protection', and the foreign wars.

    The only non-Left option is electoral delegitimisation.

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