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    Sadly the Labour Party's drift to the right is due to a number of factors including a phenomenon known as the Overton Window & the fact that their leader is a centrist establishment figure. Unfortunately this leaves us with the choice of 2 right of centre parties who are potentially electable in England, alongside the Greens & Lib Dems to make the numbers up.

    I currently have little faith that Starmer, or his successor, will steer the Labour back to the centre left if they are successful at the next election & we will just have some form of Tory Party/Austerity Lite, which is most assuredly not in the interests of the majority.

    For those who are on the left & find themselves homeless because of the above, perhaps it is time to forma new party of the left or perhaps the left can do what it always seems to do and bicker & argue about the finer parts of ideology & be left to rue missed opportunities.

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