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     howard mcsweeney1 wrote:

    Worth noting... Key findings in the National Audit Office included:

    Eight years after work began on UC, only 10% (815,000) of the expected eventual number of claimants are on the system
    Some 20% of those paid late - usually the more needy and complicated cases - were waiting five months or more to be paid
    Ministers would never know if their aim of putting 200,000 extra people in employment, or saving £2.1bn in fraud and error, would work
    Government expectations that UC would deliver £8bn of net benefits annually depended on "unproven assumptions"
    UC currently costs £699 per claim - four times as much as the government intends to spend when the systems are fully developed
    So many changes had been made to job centres and working practices that there is no "alternative but to continue"
    The report noted that "the Department for Work and Pensions does not accept that UC has caused hardship among claimants".

    It pointed to a recent internal departmental report that showed 40% of claimants were experiencing financial difficulties.


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