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    Courtesy of the Sunday Times.

    Nigel Farage is plotting a return to frontline politics and is preparing to launch a fresh campaign to become an MP, according to allies. The former Ukip leader is looking for a new platform to relaunch his political career and is said to be eyeing a number of potential by-election opportunities, including Peterborough, which overwhelmingly voted to back Brexit.

    Last month Farage revealed he was ready to seek another stint as Ukip leader if the Brexit process was not “back on track” by March when the party’s current leader, Gerard Batten, reaches the end of his term. The incumbent Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, is to stand trial with her brother, Festus, accused of lying about speeding points in a case that bears a remarkable similarity to the case that ended the career of the former Liberal Democrat cabinet minister Chris Huhne. Onasanya was charged with perverting the course of justice at Westminster magistrates’ court on July 12 and is due to appear in court again on August 13.

    The case opens the door to the prospect of a by-election in one the most devoutly pro-Brexit parts of the country. In the referendum in 2016, Peterborough voted by 60.9% to 39.1% to leave the European Union. The seat was previously held by Stewart Jackson, who until last month served as chief of staff to the former Brexit secretary David Davis.

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