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     Keith Sansum1 wrote:
    Nuttal name is now on the line as is UKIP hes expected to win anything less will be seen as a failure

    Sansum, I appreciate you have a weird obsession with Ukip and that we are all entitled to an opinion, but opinions with any validity are backed up by facts. Let's have a look at the FACTS in Stoke on Trent.

    Labour have held the seat since 1950, in May 2015 Hunt got just over 12000, Ukip just over 7000, beating the Conservatives by 33.

    Perhaps you can explain (you can't but I'm one of life's optimists) why Nuttall failing to overturn that deficit will be seen as failure.

    Thank you, political discourse can be interesting and illuminating, I look forward to reading your erudite and unbiased response.

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