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    Not that anyone is very interested on here - well - it is another Tory scandal after all, but a few of the papers say this morning that his tax avoidance efforts have cost Zahawi his knighthood. And he got a rollocking for heating his stables at public expense sometime ago too. How we should feel sorry for the poor little lamb, eh? Wasn't Boris Becker banged up for something rather similar?

    So we have the run of the mill nut jobs like Bridgen and 30p Lee. We have Johnson involved in yet more implied favouritism to secure a loan in addition to the (yet to be fully revealed) Partygate lies and hypocrisy, we've had Patterson, the bully Raab, sundry sexual predators like Pincher and now Sunak himself finds it infradig to have to put on a seatbelt when he's off on his latest PR film shoot rather than doing his bleeding job.

    I often get called a raving Corbynista on here. I'm not. In fact I've voted for all of the main parties in nearly 50 years of following politics. But can you imagine the howls of infamy, corruption and treason that would have arisen had even half the above taken place during a Corbyn administration? We are living under the most corrupt, incompetent administration I have ever witnessed.

    I feel better now!

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