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     Captain Haddock wrote:
    The idea of ANY Labour MP being worried about 'national security' and Braverman is a bit of a joke when they were actively trying to get Corbyn as our Prime MInister less than three years ago.

    Is this honestly the best they can do?

    A bit of a joke? The same old trope is rolled out yet again. When lies and double standards are clearly displayed, let's just point the finger back at Corbyn. You'll probably be doing in still in a decades time, so weak are your arguments.

    Here's a better and more up to date example for you. How about becoming foreign secretary (did Corbyn ever occupy a high office of state?), Shrugging off all your security guard and sodding off to Tuscany for a crapulous weekend in the company of a former KGB officer and his son (your mate). And then admitting that you were too pissed to remember what matters you discussed.

    The only joke on here is your manifest inability to see the wood for the trees at a time of the worst political failings of my lifetime.

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