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    Like it or not (and try talking outside your immediate circle of friends) the leader Labour was most worried about coming up against was Boris.

    The concerted drip, drip, drip campaign over the past couple of years against him, mostly by people pissed off that he got any sort of Brexit 'done', has unfortunately had its effect, though he is still loved by the man on the Hartlepool Omnibus who thinks 'Yup, I could see myself doing that!' and frankly doesn't give a toss, unless performing for a vox pop TV interview to a loaded question, about what Boris was or was not up to while someone was cremating Great Aunt Freda.

    In passing I've just read Russia: Revolution and Civil War 1917-1921 by Antony Beevor. If you want to read about an MP lying to Parliament read this. There's the Secretary of State for War lying consistently in the House of Commons about the involvement of our troops overseas and what they are up to.

    He is, of course, Winston Churchill. I believe he has a bit of a come back a few years later?

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