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    I feel appalled by the whole unsavoury business. The Tory party used to be a party that I admired and trusted. Never again…….
    The list of lies and broken promises not to mention the immoral behaviours leaves a lot of hardworking people feeling bewildered and wondering just what goes on in Parliament- I think we’re beginning to find out.
    It’s the hardworking electorate that we need to see representing the country- those people who live by a moral code of decency, who want to work hard for their constituents.
    I can’t remember which town / local party group recently took issue with the candidates who were being ‘flown in’ as their prospective parliamentary choices ( I think it was a Labour seat), but that’s academic. They all resigned or refused to endorse the choices with which they were presented. More of us need to let central offices be aware that unless things change they won’t be able to count on our votes.
    You don’t need an Oxbridge degree to represent your area but you do need honesty, good morals and integrity.

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