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     Ross Miller wrote:
    The DM article is an awful attempt at a hatchet job, but has achieved its aim of making us talk about something other than the corruption at the heart of government and their slide towards totalitarianism...

    In taking this beyond the point of my intervention, RM, (exposing RH's faux outrage), you've (fortuitously?) raised the coffin lid to reveal the worm-ridden corpse: while media hatchet jobs and government corruption aren't new, the 'slide towards totalitarianism' is.

    This is precisely why Labour and the rest of the Left are so keen to feed us candyfloss: it is fully onboard, supported the covid diktats, constantly screamed for tougher restrictions and penalties, and would have us masked, locked down and forcibly jabbed even now if it had half the chance. Labour's hypocrisy over the genuine suffering it inflicted on us is rank, and its tears for its victims are fake.

    I must say, btw, that this thread's really not lived up to its billing so far.

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