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     Weird Granny Slater wrote:
    Dorries linked to the DM article (I even included a screenshot for you). The DM piece uses a cropped pic of Starmer eating as a 'stock photo' (you've heard of those?). The Left sought out the original pic so it could outrage itself by faking a Dorries tweet.


    Any other media talking points?

    If you're trying to make a political point about a groundless incident which, as Ross has already pointed out, had no basis for a police investigation, you don't retweet years old stock photos like the half wit Dorries did. And, yes, I have heard of them before you get even more patronising.

    I beginning to undertsand why you seem to support her so vehemently now.

    Oh, and by the way, you don't know me. Please don't cast aspersions on the sincerity of my posts, whether they display outrage or otherwise. True colours. Rather pathetic.

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