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    Keith, I can assure you that I agree totally (try reading the Jay Report and not weeping) that due to 'political correctness' or whatever we call it, paedophile gangs of mostly Pakistani Muslim men had a blind eye turned to them for years.

    This is what happens when the lefty w**kers spend the whole of their day shouting WAAAAAYCIST at anyone who suggests that any foreigner anywhere is probably the best thing ever to have been born on the planet. Believe me I have had , and continue to have, more than my fair (?) share of such complaints.

    In this case 'Tommy Robinson' or more correctly Stephen Christopher Yaxley, owner of a sunbed shop in Luton and with previous conviction amongst others of drunken assault of an off-duty police officer, has behaved in a manner which might have prejudiced a fair trial. He is an ignorant semi-articulate trouble making self-publicising fool.

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