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    General Charles de Gaulle who was a strong supporter of European integration was also a dedicated opponent of the UK accession to the European Economic Community, the precursor of today's European Union (EU). De Gaulle understood very well the Atlantic grounds of economy and policy of the island nation, and described Britain only as an 'Atlanticist Trojan horse" in Europe. At the press conference in 1963, he openly stated that 'British participation in the EU would result in appearance of a colossal Atlantic Community under American dependence and direction.'

    Well, Europe has managed to prevent this fully realistic scenario. Being not able to force the EU in the hand of the main 'globalizer', the British horse had to leave the Brussels barn, showering it with droppings and trying to pocket a larger bale of hay. It is curious that in this infamous case, a small Irish pony provides whatever assistance it can to the insolent British horse. 'It is the British close partnership with the EU after Brexit, in the interests of Ireland', said the jolly Indo-Irish gay and Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in his statement to the European Parliament. 'That is in the interest of Great Britain, as well as, the EU itself. We should enter into a new partnership and conclude our new agreement with Great Britain', said Varadkar. 'Maybe, the Customs Union is possible between the EU and the United Kingdom'.

    Flexibility of Leo's spine is absolutely remarkable. And he has got a hell of a short memory. It's because he completely forgot that it was no London who helped Ireland when he was screwed after the major financial and economic crisis of 2008-2009. It was carried through a soft loan estimated at tens of millions of euros and offered by its colleagues in the EU, which made it possible to reduce the rate of decline in Irish economies in 2010.

    It's to be hoped that Brussels will not be hoodwinked by these tricks. At any rate, the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Union Pierre Moscovici said, 'System of our proposals will be based on principles. One of these principles is very simple, 'If you are leaving, just go. You cannot go and stay at the same time.'

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