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     Neil Moors wrote:
    The country wasn't ready for such a shift to the left.

    That depends on what you mean by 'left', of course. But if that direction were to include public ownership of railways, mail and utilities, then that in itself is a popular policy, and has been consistently so over a number of years.

    On Corbyn. His public tendency was for compromise. Fine in many areas of life; even in politics. But in this election it came over as uncertainty, ambiguity, lack of commitment, maybe opportunism or even cowardice. Rather than go bare-knuckle against the tide of hoaxes, defamations and calumnies that came his way from CCHQ, press and media (anti-semite, terrorist sympathiser etc.), he stayed in his corner.

    The next leader should bruise, grab throats, command the stage, turn a phrase. No-one from the law or business (over-represented), no effete Oxbridge type or plummy Londoner (enough of those in government). Someone raised in the coalfields, steel working, car manufacturing; someone who came up through union ranks; someone used to hard work, scrapping and defending his (or her) pitch. Someone like Nye Bevan. Oh, wait a minuteā€¦ Thatcher killed them all.

    Better, perhaps, to go, ala Johnson, for a free-flowing liar:

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