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    Yup. 'Confidence'. That's the word.

    A bit like Keynes' 'Animal Spirits' where human emotions drive financial decision-making in volatile times!

    BofE has been large scale buying bonds or 'quantitative easing' since the so called 'Global' Financial Crisis from 2009 (almost 900 BILLION pounds).

    If it was truly global why were China, Japan, Brazil, India, Iran, Peru and Australia for example hardly affected or did the BofE intervene because of 'actions of its own government' and how much was its huge stimulus responsible for inflation eh?

    Good question for an Economics exam?

    On the plus side Nat West are offering 5% on your first £1000 savings and I've just poked another £2000 into Premium Bonds and that's before I get my Winter Fuel Allownace ......................................

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