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     Captain Haddock wrote:
    A number on the Forum seem to have been at the Kool-Aid recently!

    We'll see who's been 'drinking the Kool-Aid'. But should anyone still be naive or credulous enough to believe false flags belong in the realm of spy fiction or in the minds of conspiracy theorists, try this comprehensive account (from Der Spiegel) of the German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND, the Federal Intelligence Service) 'discovering' 'Russian' plutonium on a plane arriving from Moscow. Given the recent strange happenings in Ye Olde Sarum, the scenario might appear familiar. You'll need German, or an online translator ( try ), but you'll see in the sub-heading the words 'ein gro├čangelegter schwindel' which should be a clue. (Pullach was the BND's headquarters in 1995.)

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