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    Keith Sansum
    Keith Sansum
    Location: Dover
    Registered: 25 Jun 2008
    Posts: 3,391
    22 May 2010 14:4252923
    quote #1 report
    During the election 4 weeks It was funny as i went shopping i spoke to all the parties.

    In one day the lib dems had a stall and i said hello

    further down g prosser was outside town hall whom i spoke to

    I also spoike with Vic then went shopping
    then on way back from shopping spoke to vic again.

    I'v since heard a rumour that im now a UKIP member

    So lets set the record right

    Im a Lefty(on most issues)although will always listen to reason,
    and will always vote Labour at National level.

    At local level I will also vote labour(apart from if any of the rebel 4 stand here, where one at present) if this is the case I wont vote FOR that person.

    So there you have it.




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