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     Neil Moors wrote:
    In an extension of your logic, Howard, I think everyone that supported remain and didn't vote last time around because they thought it inconceivable, would vote this time around. In addition, in the reverse logic of the young that didn't climb out of bed, I think the over 55's screaming for Brexit would think along the lines of "Sod that, I've voted once, I'm not going to do it again. If 'they' don't like it, so be it". Big generalisation on my part but my instinct is that is what would happen.

    That’s possible Neil and so is Howard’s take on the situation. Either way there will be different variables thrown into the equation. It might even be that leave supporters vote this time that didn’t bother before thinking it inconceivable or perhaps some previous Remainers might even be cheesed off at the way we have been treated by the EU and vote differently ( although an opinion you probably wouldn’t share I know! )

    It will certainly be interesting that’s for sure with an uncertain outcome for either side.

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