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    In April you will be asked to support candidates who will end spending millions of our money .

    So it is important to vote .

    Known candidates

    Elms vale and Maxton

    There will. One labour , one Conservative
    A green party
    And local independent Graham Wanstall .

    You can make that decision to vote for the most active over past years , or even protest vote against govt candidates and poor opposition party .

    Elms vale is a marginal and Graham Wanstall is active on his Xmas tree comp and lives in the ward

    Interesting question to candidates could be

    Town ward sees
    Two labour
    Two Conservative

    Becky Sawbridge green party
    Kay Marsh. (Independent)

    Becky Sawbridge is a well known local activist all the year round and I believe would be a good bet to support

    Kay Marsh
    If you wish to vote against the two main parties would be a good second choice (you can vote for two candidates )

    In St Rads

    There will be two labour and two conservative
    And also James DEFRIEND (,independent )

    Moaning about the govt or major opposition has its place, but this is time to shake up local politics and maybe
    Voting only for those not associated with political parties
    If you agree with this Vote James DEFRIEND

    Ask the candidates if they live in ward
    James Does .

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