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    In Australia voting is compulsory- fined if you don’t vote. A good way to raise revenue!
    But Ross is correct- a high proportion of the electorate have lost faith in politics and politicians because of their behaviour lack of morals and ethics.
    It will take a very long time to recover from this malaise- it’s not confined to the UK, across the world people feel disillusioned, disenfranchised and dismissed as irrelevant as career politicians try to make a name for themselves and don’t care who gets left behind in the process.
    I would dearly love to suggest that there’s a simple solution but it does fascinate me that we have a former comedian running Ukraine and I’m old enough to remember Lech Walesa - originally a shipyard electrician who became President of Poland. Ordinary people who have found themselves able to do extraordinary things.
    Whilst we are hindered by groups who “select” our candidates we will always be stuck in the same rut.

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