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    Re all the posts on here regarding lack of consultation etc .I was apposed to the Fastrack bus scheme ...I made a request under Freedom of information act .Agrant of Sixteen ..point 1million was awarded with DDC providing a further One million ..4 The whole scheme Seventeen.point 5 million
    I looked over DDC budget figures .Interested to see how much money will be left in reserves.
    Then we have money for a Cable car .So we will have a rapid bus service going up Castle Hill and a Cable Car for visitors to the Castle .A Cable car will not operate on a windy day .
    Yet if the locals ask for one or two new toilet blocks no money.
    Neither of these schemes will benefit the local Community of Dover.Its Pie in the Sky.It would be interesting to know how many people use Dover Priory .A lot of residents in Whitfield find it easier to use Martin Mill .
    Not this year or not even next there will be a short fall in the DDC reserves.
    When the reliant on food banks ceases and homeless people are catered for and young people can access the housing market then perhaps these pie in the sky ideas can be explored .
    If more people looked deeper into costs etc and asked their Councillors more in depth questions we might not get crazy things like Parklets .The whole financial system of how our country run needs to be studied in depth .
    We are storing up huge debts in this country which the next generation will have to pay for .
    So many people have to have rely on financial support to pay for a roof over their heads or provide food on the table for their families.

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