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    An acquaintance of mine lives in Malmo, and has told me about the violence and stabbings that go on very near to where she lives, to the extent that she will no longer go shopping on her own. The last time I was in southern Sweden I drove into Malmo, and I felt as if I was in a no-go area, getting filthy looks as I drove along, especially when we stopped at traffic lights, so I turned the car around and got out after ten minutes. Normally Sweden is a very friendly and welcoming place.
    In many of the smaller towns there are beggars, all of whom appear to be non Swedish, and there are even regular beggars at the out of town shopping malls.
    I have been told that a lot of the violence is to do with the distribution and dealing of illegal drugs, previously the almost exclusive domain of the biker gangs, who have now been overtaken by immigrant gangs.

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