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    Just on the dress sense
    Iv always felt you should not judge people by there appearance
    Labour now is in a no win situation

    Stick to its present left position and electorate won't elect them

    Move to centre ground or right wing get elected (like Blair did)
    Isolate itself from its core values and membership

    There used to be clear dividing lines between Labour and tories
    Labour for the working class tories for elite
    . This had become very muddled in last General election
    But iv said before I used to visit Llanelli in South Wales a lot
    30 years ago they used to weigh the lab votes
    But lab got to cocky and In some wards were unopposed for years.
    Slowly over the years independents got elected and now lab just about holds the council
    Another rock solid lab area that took the electorate for granted

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