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     ChazwoldAlmighty wrote:
    When a member I warned them all they were going to fail...but they wouldn't have it. They thought changing candidate was a great idea, that Charlotte was going to be more popular than Stacey. I told them they were going to fail...I was right, they managed to get 4000 fewer votes than in 2017.

    Con Natalie Elphicke 28,830
    Lab Charlotte Cornell 16,552

    Con Charlie Elphicke 27,211
    Lab Stacey Blair 20,774

    Charlotte Cornell was an amazing candidate and the loss in votes was to do with Brexit. Tories and labour lost vote share in remain constituencies, but while Tories gained vote share in leave constituencies, Labour lost over 10% in leave Constituencies. Popularity of the candidate had little to do with this.

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