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    And to be completely frank and honest, based on past comments from certain authorities, the many many years this abuse has been allowed to continue unchallenged has been recorded and known about in departments all over the country but all have remained silent. There is nothing more clear that all authorities have definitely been ordered from above to keep their gobs shut. The nucleus of central government have been aware the thousands of children were being seriously and disgustingly abused but were happy for it to continue.
    Personally if I had any knowledge any child was being abused I would not be able to sleep at night until the child was safe. Our law lords have forced the continuation of the abuse. Assess as you will what kind of people are ruling over us cos it ain’t rocket science. Worst still these people are throwing it in our faces and laughing at us. A prime example is the M.P Keith vaz. Openly reported to the public in a comical manner known as Vaseline to his associates for his ability to escape justice. Recently stepped down as head of the select committee after being exposed in some perverted sexual crap. At his family home his wife commented she was very angry with him and he would have to sleep on the sofa. Are you having a laugh or what. Mind you she is well used to such perverted weirdness from her husband. Two of his very close drinking buddies many moons ago were Greville Janner who was allowed his paedophile life and not exposed until he was basically dead and Frank Beck the former head of a children’s home eventually convicted and killed himself in prison. Vaseline slipped the net and ended up head of the select committee. How did that happen. Obviously had sufficient perverted shit over the right people in the right places. As a nation we have become a spineless waste of skin and are contented for paedoohiles and sex monsters to govern us in the hope our own children will be left alone if we remain silent. What a very sad and sorry state of affairs.

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