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    I am a firm believer that apologies are most welcomed in situations of unintentional arising.
    Is it therefore appropriate that Manchester police and social services, medical services, and the entire system including all citizens advice services, have now taken the patronising, arrogant, and obviously pointless action of declaring their failings to protect a great many young children and their families from years of disgusting perverted vile sexual abuse for which they now wish to ‘APOLOGISE’ for the ‘MISTAKES’ and ‘ERRORS’ in ‘TRAIN OF THOUGHT’ that has allowed the ‘KNOWN IDENTITIES AND ADDRESSES’ of paedophiles to commit their crimes for 20 years unchallenged, none of whom have been arrested to this day.
    Should this apology be accepted as an apology???
    Feedback and comments on this issue should prove to be most interesting. I will kick things off with the most obvious and worst consequence of this to the entire U.K. population... the complete domination and control over all media outlets upon which we all rely to inform and update us on current affairs.
    Manchester is merely the tip of the iceberg. The entire country has been abused in similar fashion by our hierarchy and law lords for a very long time. So why the hell do our media not inform and warn us of this? FEAR!!! TOTAL AND UTTER TERROR!!!
    Anybody who challenges this domination will be crushed and silenced as openly proved in the case of Tommy Robinson. A right wing gob shite a lot of you regard him as attempting to generate racial hatred. It is the government that chose to throw in the racial card so they had a cover to crush Robinson with citizen support. The true reason for crushing Robinson was his defiance and courage to ‘CORRECTLY REPORT’ to us the sickening abuses our government was allowing to be inflicted on our children. All other journalists are naturally terrified of consequence should they report the truth.
    Unless my memory is on its way out I recall that not so long ago there was a brief statement claiming none of our public services dared to act against known offenders for fears of being accused of racial discrimination. None of us are aware the nationality of offenders as none have been arrested so form your own assumptions, but by nature of their own words, the prominent creator of racial hatred and tensions in this country are our authorities and it is utilised to cover their actions whilst they continue to inflict their abuses upon us. SICK SICK SICK IS THE SYSTEM THAT GOVERNS US, WAKE UP PEOPLE.
    And the final thought goes out heartfelt to the endless amount of victims and their families who have been abused by paedophiles and then abused by our authorities and who have now been told our authorities are now sorry for their abuse and now want the victims to accept assistance from their abusers to help them through counselling. Any victim with any sense and their families should run an absolute mile. God bless you all.

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