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    'The local party (IMHO) made a huge mistake by parachuting in Natalie when Charlie's fate became unavoidable'.

    Yet chose a candidate who thrashed the opposition?

    As we all know (?) Natilie was forced upon local party as they had no reserve candidate to cover all eventualities (Charlie being prosecuted).

    The question for them is whether,having 'stood in', 'our' Natalie would be best candidate for next election.

    It's all down to game playing and 'power'. Initially the local party has the power inasmuchas it it they who select the supplicants, once you have an elected MP it is he or she who has the 'power'.

    From a Conservative point of view is 'our' Natalie the best person (and there's loads of potential applicants) to actually do stuff for Dover - especially considering she will be standing on her record over the past few years.

    Who dares whisper in Caesar's ear?

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