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    Like everyone else, I have absolutely no idea whether the rape allegations are groundless or not.

    I just find it so sad for this town to be associated with this scandal. The local party (IMHO) made a huge mistake by parachuting in Natalie when Charlie's fate became unavoidable. One moment she was effusive in her support for him, the next she was filing for divorce and taking money from the tabloids for her story.

    I can honestly find nothing to recommend her performance as an MP. She is the whip's office's lobby fodder. When challenged about Cumming's ludicrous garden performance, she came out in his support. A few weeks later, when Laughing Boy gave Cummings the boot, she made a 180 turn and publicly supported the decision. She vacillates between the prevailing central office whims.

    Not that long ago, if you Googled Dover news, our cocaine sniffing mayor (allegedly) came high in the rankings. Now it an ex-MP spending vast sums on dodgy lawyers and a current MP making herself look foolish in front of a bunch of protestors.

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