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    Regarding Duty Free...

    At the moment I can bring back loads of gin into the UK - technically enough to pickle my walnuts and certainly 10 litres. This is good news for the Button household, whose motto is Charity be gins at home. And good news too for P&O who regularly sell us 4 litres each at £13/litre (we'd buy more but it's heavy).

    The return of Duty Free status for on-board shopping is in fact the default Brexit scenario and the price should fall - hooray! However, the scenario also means that I'll be limited to just 1 litre - BOO! Or indeed none at all from P&O if I've already bought it abroad, e.g. from Carrefour or a duty free shop in Calais docks - not exactly helping the ferry operator then. I suppose I could smuggle more, which brings me on to Red and Green Channels - yes, the default scenario brings them back too, plus, perhaps, increased Border Force interceptions. So it may well take me longer to get back into the UK and, in principle, into France too.

    Government policy appears to be to keep Button (and P&O) in the situation that we both currently enjoy. Good. I just wish certain MPs would stop rocking the boat.

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