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    I didn't have time to look up the thread, anyone Good luck to Alan.

    Speaking to Alan since I was elected in October it became clear many of the reasons(not the personal move one) centred around the accountability.

    I personally feel decision making should be as local as possible, not having a Town council, just gets decision making further and further away.

    The day is fast looming where District councils will have to join together and sat that point the question will be do we need a KCC and this super council.

    The works will(or should)cascade down to local areas.

    My feelings are that don't do away with a body just because you may like those elected, find others to stand and challenge these geezers.

    With regard to St Radigunds itself, you would think that the Labour party locally would have recognised years ago that it's safest seat is slipping away.

    Turn out in all elections in this ward is poor.
    It's an area crying out for help, Labour should be in there daily campaigning to get people back onside. But like all elections they will likely parachute someone in, and we saw what a disaster that was A Shirley defeated the Labour candidate that time(and the same candidate wasput up again against me, and lost heavily again) which then gives you the concerns, are labour listening.

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