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     Keith Sansum1 wrote:
    You may all be fed up with by elections but it looks like another one is looming after the resignation of A Shirley. Although we didn't always agree, Alan did chair one committee, and I have to say chaired the committee well and allowed councillors to feel involved in decision making.

    Alan from this point of view will be sadly missed and good luck on his new ventures.

    St Rads should elect a Labour town Cllr but of course they lost this safest seat to Alan the last time round who was an independent.

    Of course having a Labour person elected may no be the best for Dover as, in my short time I'v witnessed Labour cllrs hiding behind standing orders to stop cllrs speaking so do i want yet another labour Cllr doing the same?

    It will come down to the electorate of St Rads ward which normally gets very low turn outs.

    There's a low turn out because people realise it doesn't make the blindest bit of difference who gets elected, hardly anybody cares. I know Alan very well, it seems he's come to the conclusion I've spoken about for years - there is no point in town councillors.

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