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    I guess Felixstowe's not such a happy place at the mo'!

    Of course FXT's woes, over and above the Covid-related spike in container numbers, are linked to Brexit: we deliberately increased the demand for lorry drivers in the UK (cabotage) at the same time as we decreased the supply (foreign drivers). All very laudable. The snag is, we've not yet grasped the opportunity created. Guess it's one of those bumps in the road that I think IDS once coughed to.

    Needless to say, the RHA sounds pretty sour at the prospect of EU hauliers undercutting UK ones all over again: "Many British hauliers will be frustrated with the likelihood their work could be going to EU firms at a time when promoting the job to a new generation of Britons was apparently the government's priority and they don't want uncontrolled immigration - which this is at least for six months".

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