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     Jan Higgins wrote:
    Food, fuel and almost any other household bill, ever since I got married and realised I had to seriously plan our limited budget, are items that have always gone up over the years, some very fast some more slowly.

    Those of us with a modicum of brain have ignored anything the extremist pro or anti Brexit spouted before or since the vote. The only difference between then and now is that the anti Brexit fanatics are still full of sour grapes about the result.

    Nothing like a bit of homespun, nostalgic superiority to close down a discussion, eh? So much better than an analysis of the facts or a finely honed presentation of one's case.

    Must be one of the benefits of being liberated from being told what to think and what to say, I suppose.

    Well, in these days of rising prices, labour shortages, distorted supply chains and creeping inflation, here's some nostalgia from Ken Clarke. Remember him? Holder of various government high offices and a Tory. Oh and generally thought to have a modicum of a brain too!

    "Things haven’t been this bad since before the UK decided to join the European Economic Community in 1973."

    All just sour grapes, I know. Nothing whatsoever to do with common sense, experience and honesty.

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