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    Times change
    There were more local jobs available even when I was a boy (1970's). Many of the villages where I come from in South Norfolk had several shops, now they are lucky if they have a post office.

    If anyone had told me back then I would be commuting 3 hour round trips in Kent and the south east 40 years later I would have wondered what I must have done wrong (no longer doing this, thankfully)

    I was unemployed for a couple of years in the late 1990's, I lived on £90 a week, £50 of that went on rent. No big TV. No TV at all. Its not easy trying to find work when you struggle to find money to pay for bus and train fares

    Post brexit, how we thought that we could get what unemployed that we do have out of the towns and cities to rural locations with no public transport to do seasonal jobs, I don't know. How we thought we would suddenly train up people to drive lorries around a country with inadequate facilities for parking, performing ablutions etc, I don't know. How we thought we would fill positions that need certain skills, even if some people don't recognise those skills, with people that don't have those skills, I don't know

    We knew we were short of workers in many sectors before brexit, it was obvious even back before the vote that it would be difficult to replace any workers that we lost

    I voted remain, but I'm happy to accept Brexit implemented with a clear plan. Looking at the calibre of people that were promoting Brexit and the proposals that they were making at the time, looking at the PM saying its down to business to make this work, looking at the car crash of the NI protocol, it is absolutely clear

    There never was a plan

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