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    Hi Sue, it certainly is a different world to the one we knew!

    It was refreshing to read such a positive post on a thread that seems to have become a pit for depressing anti British views since Brexit was voted for. Instead of making efforts to make it work some would rather play the blame game.

    Not having experienced the conditions and struggles that you relate to concerning your early life, the expectations nowadays seem to be based on what many feel should be provided for them. All this without having to put in any effort themselves most times.

    Much of this I feel sometimes is due to us oldies struggling in the past to provide our families with a better life, which is now seen as an entitlement by many…………so maybe we are partly to blame for their attitude after all!

    I can empathise with much of what you have written and was almost tempted to do a Vic Matcham and join him on the forum with extracts from my ramblings in ‘Looking back!’

    Or perhaps this thread might be worth resurrecting to provide some nostalgia:

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