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    Point of order! Might I remind honourable members that the administrations that've repeatedly failed to deliver our EU exit have all been Tory. First Cameron slunk off with his tail between his legs after a surprise whipping; then Mrs Strong-and-Stable, realising with horror that the thing might actually happen, plunged us into an utterly superfluous election in order to wobble her majority and thus make sure that it didn't, not only by accepting a dog's turd of a WA, which keeps us in thrall to the EU with zero say, but by giving ample opportunity to any chancer from any party or none who wanted to delay or stop the whole thing; then Johnson took the turd, sprayed some deodoriser on it, and hoped we'd mistake it for a bunch of roses. Now (late of the Conservative Party) Mr Letwin's galliard is just the newest entry in the top ten of high-stepping, can-kicking dance tunes. Goddamn it, the Speaker's a Tory, too! There's either some serious incompetence among those privately-educated, high-nosed high-achievers, or some darkly impressive choreography.

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