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     howard mcsweeney1 wrote:
    Shameful behaviour by Anglo-Dutch giant Unilever in trying to use the exchange rate situation to rip off their customers. They got caught out over Marmite which is made here with ingredients sourced here. The rest would have been imported well before the Pound fell in value.

    Not quite as it seems Howard. The jars that Marmite is packed in are imported and the cost has increased substantially due to the fall of sterling plus increased hikes from the manufacturers.

    Oil prices are also affecting the production of some of the other products involved so it is not going to go away anytime soon!

    Historically, Tesco has always tried to extort as much as they can in the way of discounts and stocking bonuses from their suppliers along with many other 'perks', which in the main have not been passed on to their customers.

    Unilever, having the clout, has in the past had to resist this ploy many times............ I suspect also that perhaps there is some 'string pulling' going on from outside sources to focus the population's minds on the Brexit problems that may be looming.

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