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    "The Labour leader also said his party would double the number of graduating doctors and district nurses, increase training placements for nurses and midwives, and gradually turn family doctors into direct employees of the health service."

    An actual plan or wishful thinking, the former I hope as something has to change but now not in five or ten years time.

    Going by news reports people are dying because of delayed medical help. Delayed treatment blamed on lack of staff or beds, Ambulances not available for those dying or in pain because they are stuck for hours waiting to discharge people to A&E. I wonder how many hospitals have empty spaces that were wards not that long ago looking after those needing minimal care while waiting to be discharged.

    Without wishing to denigrate those with genuine mental health problems this now seems to be the excuse used by far to many just because they feel a bit low, these people use up the vital time needed for really serious cases.

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